Flexy Product Review: Innovative AI Designer

(4.5 / 5)

In this modern era of advanced technology, software development has seen a significant increase in production thanks to social media apps and web content developed mostly for smartphones and tablets. We have entered an age in which all forms of business industries have thrived in making potential sales and leads on the online market.

With this in mind, a lot of software engineers have dedicated themselves to creating the next generation of multi-purpose software designed to work fast, efficient and be able to do a lot of tasks without fail on its own, and with that, the creation of A.I. powered software was born.

This software, that we recently got a early preview of, can help you create the web content you want even without the knowledge of coding providing a hassle free and time efficient experience giving you the time to carry out the orders of your product.

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Thus the Flexi AI App the World’s First A-I Designer was created, by Nanosoft. This product is a web creation tool very useful for creating and designing the web content equipped with voice content and be able to export out in a single coding line, with a quick educational tutorial of tools and assets, you would be on your way in creating one of the best content you could ever think of. Hence, I have decided to share my experience with you in order to give you a bit of a look at what you can expect from this innovation.

You will not be able to experience a nightmarish user interface in an outdated page builder using up most of your time, the time you could have spent on doing useful design tweaks to an almost done content page when you are using this app.

I also noticed when I was exploring the app that you could be able to edit the graphics and interface without having the need to transfer edited designs from Photoshop to this app. This software can assure your customer loyalty with its user-friendly interface that I highly recommend even to those who are new in the web design.

When you start using the Flexy AI app, you will not have a rough time starting your website, because the software helps you to immediately generate templates to begin editing, or construct from previous sites you have made; whether you want to start from scratch or pick off where you let off before you had the app, you are completely covered.

With just a simple voice input you could easily navigate through the whole app, let the AI do certain tasks that required too much time or have the AI completely sort out the tools that you need for a particular set of designs that you want to be incorporated in it.

If you are wondering about flexy AI’s speed in doing tasks or certain action that you asked for voice input, then you have no reason to worry for you will get your money’s worth, the AI impressively acts fast when doing certain actions like changing the colors of the font text when you want it.

Check out Flexy in action:

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The time for the A.I. to do certain tasks is about 1 – 2 seconds depending on the gravity of the task you told it to carry out.  I also liked the option of being able to voice out an UNDO option and it proved very satisfying and hassle-free thanks to this app very smart AI.

It is also good to note that the app offers you to add a 3d voice render, that narrates your pages, to your newly created website and works smoothly from for any website as I have tried it out myself, it kind of gives off an Iron Man AI vibe with how the AI works both for the app and the 3d render, giving you that premium feeling of your product.

I am further amazed at the customizability that this app brings to the table, not only is editing made easier by inputting voice commands, you could also do it without even thinking much about how your design would look, because the app has various templates you could choose from or it lets you use materials from your former website.

After choosing your source material, you can then a start a new project, add the material, start editing with a few changes to the layout, background color, or commercial add links you want to be revised inside your site. You can do all this even without a background in coding or graphics designing because the tools you need are all in and accessible via the AI all this work and you just need a few minutes to be done with a new website you can throw out there for traffic. It amazes me how intuitive and easy the process is.

Compared to The Grid’s counter intuitive and sleek design, the Flexy AI gives all the better experiences when creating a website. In terms of automated website making, flexy is more in line with this than what The Grid’s automated cloud server brings, although the cloud server boasts sort of an unlimited storage, you have a risk of having your own created property floating around online without your consent.

In terms of design and customizability, the Flexy App, with the tools it offers, the easiness and effortlessness it provides you might just want to overlook the fact that the rival company offers the same thing just that some nagging issues tend to claw away the customers.

The Flexi AI app also allows you to create links to other countries that you want your website to enter traffic, the app allows you select many countries that you want to market from and translating every word from your website into their native language for people all over the world to understand just by making use of the visitors IP address.

It is very useful if you are into business and are looking to market products and service globally. Overall, Flexy is a mighty impressive tool that I recommend to anybody who is into web design and creation, SEO development and Online Business Startups.

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