Welcome, Aspiring Founders


At Solo Web Startup, we are passionate about escaping the infamous nine-to-five grind that most succumb to. If you are reading this, then you are likely wise enough to know that you are not confined to the same fate as the majority. It is becoming common knowledge that, via the internet, you can transmute your greatest passions into profitable businesses unlike never before. And we aspire to help you to do just that.

Can anyone create a startup?

Whether you have an affinity for music, producing art or writing, you can learn the skills required to refine and package those skills. Doing so will not only make you an active income online, but also potentially passive income! (We will cover passive income in future articles.)

Startup for your future

How can we help?

Here we will share advice, recommended tools and provide free content to encourage you along the way on this journey. Ranging from finding your passion, practical steps and alternative income avenues to fuel your business.

We encourage you to join our humble community so that we all may support each other along the way towards success. We will see you there.

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