10 Common Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Search engine optimization is crucial if you want to enhance the ranking of your website and boost organic visitors. You will find so many factors, which influence your overall SEO rankings and it can be oftentimes difficult to know which are critical and which are not. To help you stop from damaging your own SEO efforts, the following are some SEO mistakes you should avoid and how you can do so.

Allow your audience to find you on the search engines, with proper optimization methods.



Keyword stuffing is an issue most newbies have. The majority of people confuse it with keyword optimization. They think that the more keywords they use, the better their SEO ranking. Keep in mind that keyword stuffing is something you need to stop doing as it might not just affect how you rank in the search engine, but you might get banned as well. Instead of stuffing the content with many keywords, concentrate on keyword optimization. A recent update by Google now scans for keyword saturation and will now negatively flag sites that do it.



This is one of the most common SEO mistakes most people make. It’s vital to make the website easy to navigate, as it not only affects the experience of the user but the ability of the search engine to go through the website as well. You should make it possible for a user to find what they’re looking for in as less as 3 seconds. Check out Shneiderman’s “Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design” to glean deeper insight ergonomics.



While it’s a common knowledge that utilizing keywords as an anchor text is good for inbound links, a few businesses seem to utilize this method on their own site. For instance, people often place the “Contact Here” on lead pages, although the phrase denotes nothing to the search engines. Avoid this mistake by ensuring that anchor text is relevant to the page in question.



The majority of newbies want to come up with a content as quick as possible to start profiting from their site as soon as possible. Thus, they duplicate content from other sites with the hope that this will offer them high ranking. Did you know that content duplication is something Google doesn’t tolerate? Doing this can make you get banned on the search engines. This is why it’s crucial to employ a great content creator if you’re not good at creating high-quality content.



The focus of Google is to guarantee that all users have the best experience. Google has already set a criteria that each site should follow to offer all users with great user experience. If your site doesn’t fit such criteria, the SEO will be extremely affected. To sidestep this success barrier, you should seek out the help of a professional web designer to cater the experience and aesthetics to your target audience.



High-quality SEO services aren’t affordable. To cut back on additional costs, many people prefer to do their own SEO tasks instead of hiring an expert. Even if it’s a great idea, unless you have the knowledge, passion and experience, doing so will bring detriment to your site. Where possible, be sure to invest in a high-quality SEO services with your budget. Because a high search engine ranking produces more traffic to your site and thereby more site revenue income.



Outdated content lessens the site’s perceived value and could lead to fewer return visitors and reduced sales. The search engine value about the freshness of your content too. Adding new content to the site exposes it to a much wider range of keywords as well as potentially search-generated traffic. Moreover, new postings can help the site get ranked for search queries, which will fall under the recent freshness update of Google.



While SEO is crucial, your visitors matter most. Keep in mind that your SEO activities should not weaken the quality of your content to the point that your readers no longer like to stick around and engage with the site. Make sure you follow the SEO guidelines but keep your focus on offering value to the people who arrive on your website. Make their satisfaction your priority, offer genuine value, and you will be rewarded with high search rankings and site authority.



Meta descriptions are a vital part of SEO that affects the click-through rate in the search results. A great Meta description is essential if you prefer to attract high-quality visitors to the site. If you have no idea what a Meta description is, then you need to take note and dive into this topic.

Every time you search for a keyword in a search engine like Google, there’s always a small preview of the sites content listed. This is referred as a “Meta description” and defines what the site is before people click on it. Thus, if your website doesn’t have any Meta description or they aren’t optimized properly, then your site might not be working as well as it could.



Each website includes a robots.txt that tells web crawlers that parts of the site they are permitted to crawl. While utilizing one to block all private directories and web pages might seem like a great idea, it can cause many issues when used inappropriately. When you start blocking each single page you think is confidential or private, search engines like Google will have a problem crawling your site. If Google can’t understand your site, it can’t rank your website.

To check the robots.txt file, you can simply type robots.txt on the end of the root domain and you will get a list of all directories classified if any. Be certain to go through every one of such directories and see if you really need to block them from the search engine. If you found any obvious ones, which are preventing Google from crawling vital pages, then remove it right away.


Overall, it’s essential to prevent making these SEO mistakes as they can extremely affect your ranking on the search engines or worse, you get banned. If you are interested in acquiring these skills yourself, try breaking down what we have discussed into separate topics and gradually implement them into your site.

Take advantage of analytics to gauge how your audience is responding to your SEO changes. Alternatively, if you employ the right person for your SEO services, commit to generating high-quality content and follow all of the fundamental SEO rules, all such mistakes are totally preventable and will boost your productivity in generation your desired results.

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